Why you should fly to Milford Sound!

Date: 9 October 2017

1. It's quicker!

Flying to Milford Sound takes about 35 minutes. By comparison, driving to Milford (from Queenstown) takes around four hours. If you opt to take a coach, you can add at least another hour on top of that making it a five hour journey, each way. If you’re not flash at maths, that’s ten hours in a car. Ten whole hours! Yes, it’s a stunning drive but if you’re short on time it’s a no-brainer! Book a flight.

Token pre-flight shot for Mum. Credit: Mr Pilot. Thanks Andy!

2. It's majestical

Yes, that is a word. “Beautiful” and “breathtaking” are simply not strong enough to convey the grandeur of this magical place. There’s a reason why Milford Sound has become known as the unofficial eighth wonder of the world. Then of course there’s the bonus eye candy along the way.

Flying by the Remarkables

Eye candy exhibit A: Autumn colours and The Remarkables.

3. There's hidden treasures

Flying to Milford is made all the more special by the hidden treasures that can only be seen from above. Glacial lakes, hidden valleys and waterfalls are revealed from within the sprawling mountain ranges. Again, this can ONLY be seen from above! It’s not surprising that this is a UNESCO World Heritage area.

Mountains towards Milford Sound from above

Mountains, tick. Glacier, tick. Glacial lake, tick.

Flight passing by glaciers

If you could open the window you could touch it! These pilots know what they’re doing!

4. Unbelievable selfie opportunities

Cause who doesn’t look good in ear muffs?!

Token plane selfie. Bonus points for glacier lake in the background.

5. Size appreciation

Whoever said that size doesn’t matter is flat out lying! When mountain ranges stretch literally as far as the eye can see, you can’t help but be left in complete and utter awe. The Fiordland National Park does size on a sheer and dramatic scale. Trust me, you’ll be left breathless.

Flight over Milford Sound

Majestic Milford Sound, where mountains stand tall and proud, straight up out of the sea.

Flying to Milford Sound

I spy with my little eye…

6. It's all about the journey

Because getting there is half the fun. Too often the hype of the destination surpasses the experience of getting there. Not this time. Flying to Milford is a journey and experience in itself and one that will remain with you long after your feet hit the tarmac.

7. Landing at one of the world's most spectacular airports

Do I even need to say anymore?! Un. Be. Lievable!!!

Milford Airport Runway from above

Is this the world’s most spectacular runway?! Milford Sound Airport.

Runway at milford Sound

Even MAJESTICAL doesn’t seem to do this scene enough justice.

Runway at Milford Sound

8. Hassle free travel

No traffic, no car parking, no worries.

Blue sky day at Milford Sound

Mere minutes after landing, you’re on a boat looking at this! The beauty of flying to Milford is hassle free travelling. No traffic, no car parking, no worries. From plane to coach to boat, it’s seamless.

9. You'll smile so much your face will hurt

And yes, that is a good thing.

What pure happiness looks like.

10. Why not?!

There’s only one logical and semi valid answer to this question and it involves the dinero, the greenback, the shrapnel, the coin. A.k.a money. So I leave you with this… If you only ever take one scenic flight in your life this should be it. Flying to Milford is a once in a lifetime experience and if you have to eat two minute noodles for the next two weeks, it would still be worth it.

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