Meet the locals - the animals of Walter Peak Farm

Date: 3 June 2019


Two breeds provide the perfect mix of skill and energy here. The border collie is known as the most intelligent and obedient of all dogs. Energetic and extremely focused, it uses eye contact instead of barking. The huntaway is the opposite. It literally barks to ‘hunt sheep away’, making it ideal for when flocks disappear from view during steep country herding.


There are three species farmed at Walter Peak. The Merino is bred only for its wool – which is some of the finest, softest and most luxurious in the world. The Romney, a distinct New Zealand breed, produces meat and coarse wool ideal for textiles. The Corriedale, a cross between the Merino and other long-wool breeds, is a dual-purpose breed also (wool and meat).

Cattle and Deer

There’s more than sheep here! The Scottish Highland Cattle are renowned for their lean meat and ability to handle the cold, making this hardy breed ideal for the tough conditions. Red deer were originally introduced via Australia for local hunters to stalk. There are now still thousands running wild (and rigorously hunted) and many more farmed commercially.


Introduced into the area in the mid 19th century, the farmer is a homo sapien breed known for a connection with the land, a tight-knit community and a fit, healthy and hardworking lifestyle. Farmers have a diverse diet, occasionally enhanced by barley/hops/yeast/water mix 

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