Best Price Guarantee

Book any experience on and enjoy our Best Price Guarantee.

If you find a lower-priced, qualifying rate published on another travel booking site*for a RealNZ experience within 24 hours of booking, we'll refund the difference of the activity you booked. Terms & Conditions apply. Please read through our checklist, FAQs and conditions for further information.
You can therefore enjoy your experience with the guarantee of getting the best price!

* Travel booking site: The other website/company must be an authorised agent of RealNZ. RealNZ has the final say in the legitimacy of the other website.

Eligibility checklist:

  1. Have you booked a RealNZ experience in the last 24 hours?
  2. The Best Price Guarantee is available only for the identical experience; at the exact same date of travel and departure time (e.g. Milford Sound Nature Cruise, departing from Milford at 10.30am on 1 Jan 2017).
    Please make sure that the details are the exactly the same:
     - Operated by RealNZ
     - Experience (e.g. Milford Sound Nature Cruises)
     - Departure location
     - Travel date
     - Departure time
     - Change / cancel policy
     - Room type (where applicable)
     - Extras (lunches, extra options, etc.)
  3. Does the other website/company’s offer include all taxes and fees, and is the total price quoted in NZD?
  4. Is the other website/company’s prices advertised and available to general public?
  5. Is the other website/company’s offer available to book?
  6. Is the experience a prepaid booking? (ie. pay now booking)
  7. Are you able to provide online proof of the above?

If you answered YES to this checklist, you may be eligible for our Best Price Guarantee. Please follow the following steps to submit your claim.

Claiming a best price guarantee:

Step 1: Check if the other website/company meets the eligibility checklist.
Step 2: Check the Terms & Conditions and FAQs to ensure eligibility.
Step 3: Book your experience with us via or by contacting us directly.
Step 4: If you have answered yes to all of the above, send your claim to us via [email protected].

Our customer service team, after verifying the information you provide, will confirm your reservation at the lowest stated rate.