International Antarctic Centre

You don’t have to go to Antarctica to experience it. Simply visit our International Antarctic Centre for all the chills and thrills.

The International Antarctic Centre is your destination for authentic, interactive fun and provides an exciting experience of Antarctica for visitors of all ages. It is the next best thing to actually going there.

  • Buckle up for a bumpy ride on our Hägglund field trip 
  • Learn stories of historic explorers and explore our Antarctic Gallery
  • Get ‘exchillarated’ in the Antarctic Storm Dome
  • View Little Blue Penguins, experience a simulated cruise to Antarctica, learn about modern day Antarctica and more

For more information and to make bookings, please visit the International Antarctic Centre website.

Our Experiences

At the International Antarctic Centre, our visitor experiences have been carefully developed to offer adrenalin, inspiration, education and entertainment.

Experience real snow and ice, survive an indoor Antarctic Storm, learn about life at Scott Base, and hang out with Little Blue Penguins! There’s also the famously exciting Hägglund ride, an awesome simulated 4D cruise, Happy Feet 4D, plus heaps more! 

Antarctic Storm Experience

The coldest, windiest place on earth!

Exchillerating fun at -8˚C! Experience real snow and ice in our indoor polar room, then brace yourself for an Antarctic storm where wind chill plummets temperatures to -18˚C. This storm blows through hourly.

4D Extreme Theatre

A multisensory experience like no other.

Over the course of a short film, you'll be wobbled in your seat, have mist and wind blown in your face, feel things grabbing at your legs and see incredible 3D sights. Are you reading to be shaken, jolted, sprayed and amazed?

Penguin Encounter

Big happiness with our little blues. 

See our rescued Little Blue Penguins (the world's smallest) in our indoor & outdoor viewing area. Now that's something to squawk about! Our penguins are fed twice daily. Join them for lunch at 10.30am & 3.00pm.

Antarctic Gallery

Choose your own Antarctic Adventure.

Experience Antarctica's vast beauty in our Antarctic Gallery, purpose-built to educate and entertain. Take your knowledge to the next level and learn about climate, wildlife, glaciers, life at Scott Base and all things Antarctica. 

Hägglund Field Trip

This is about as far 'off road' as you can get... 

Climb aboard and buckle up for a ride in our amazing amphibious all-terrain Antarctic vehicles. Experience what it's like for scientists in Antarctica as they travel across the ice, up and down hills, over crevasses and through water.


Get up close and chill with your friendly huskies. The Huskies roam the centre with their expert handler to give you a true hands-on experience with these incredible animals. They may even join you in the Antarctic storm if you are lucky! (Thursday-Monday only)

And much more!

See Scott’s Hut, experience what a flight to Antarctic is like, or watch a short Antarctic film in our HD theatre. There’s hours of fun for the whole family.

More Information


Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth, and more than 98% covered in ice. The earth’s fifth largest continent, it is a virtually untouched, beguiling, wilderness of white.

Globally important for environmental and climate research, Antarctica is also home to seven species of penguin and six of seals. The dreamlike landscape features spectacular seasonal light displays (auroras), stunning glaciers, ice formations and pressure ridges. A place that has fascinated intrepid explorers for years, Antarctica has produced some great historical tales.

Antarctica is quite simply one of the world’s most amazing places. Moreover, the International Antarctic Centre allows you and your family to experience the wonder and magic of the continent without mounting your own expedition. It’s one of the great things to do in Christchurch.

You’ll visit ‘Antarctica’ the snow and ice experience, survive an Antarctic Storm, learn about life in modern day Antarctica and Scott Base, and hang out with Little Blue Penguins. There’s also the famously exciting Hagglund ride and an awesome simulated 4D cruise, Happy Feet 4D, plus heaps more.

Things you should know

  • Located next to Christchurch International Airport (38 Orchard Road)
  • Open Monday - Sunday all year round: from 9.00am – 4.30pm
  • Allow 2-3 hours
  • Onsite Car Parking is free

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