‘Putangi’ Conservation Wine

‘Putangi’ Conservation Wine

Enjoy a drop, and do some good

In 2022, RealNZ introduced a conservation wine to its Fiordland wine list, Wet Jacket’s ‘Putangi’ Pinot Noir. For every bottle of Putangi sold, $10 goes towards a conservation project, in either Pātea Doubtful or Piopiotahi Milford Sound. 

Wine for the world

Greg Hay, Wet Jacket’s founder, is a passionate conservationist as well as a trustee for Fiordland Conservation Trust, so working with his winery was a no-brainer. As well as our donations through Fiordland bottle sales, Wet Jacket Wines have so far donated 50% of their cellar door tasting fees to the projects!

Conservation in Doubtful Sound

Enjoying a ‘Putangi’ wine in Doubtful Sound will send donations directly to monitoring traplines on Bauza Island. This habitat is particularly important for conservation because of its proximity to the mainland and Secretary Island. It’s the perfect stepping stone for pests to reach vulnerable species living on Secretary Island. If we regularly monitor the trap lines around Bauza Island, Secretary Island can be maintained as a refuge for invertebrates and native tree species. 

This initiative has even been endorsed and supported by the Department of Conservation and works cohesively with other trapping efforts in the region! 

Conservation in Milford Sound

In Milford Sound, the Putangi donations will go directly to the trapping project at Harrison Cove. The cove is known to be a habitat for Fiordland crested penguins when they are most vulnerable, breeding and moulting. Trap lines have been set up around Harrison Cove to protect them, and the funds from the wine will contribute to improving the trap lines and operational logistics in reaching the area. There are even now ‘penguin hotels’, for breeding female penguins to enjoy around the foreshore. 


As of Autumn 2023, Wet Jacket Wines have donated $5440 from their cellar door, and we have sold 558 Putangi bottles, donating $5580.